Did all the Ricoh cameras stop working?

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Re: Did all the Ricoh cameras stop working?

Hi, sorry wasn't able to quote the reply my phone couldn't work it! First of nice pic, how do you find the Zeiss 25? That lens is on my wish list both for the effective focal length and it being getting good reviews.

It has been a long delay, but I think there was a quote from Pentax that the MX1 was on Pentax's pre-ricoh plans so that shows how long these things take.

Yep the silence could well mean the end of the brand, but Ricoh = Pentax = Ricoh now so hopefully some design DNA would survive.

That's a good question about whether they should push their Pentax or Ricoh heritage in the premium niche.

Yep my Xs and Ms line was a bit unclear, but I meant the XE and XPro and the Leica M . So that the GXR is the interchangable camera in the range, but it could be something new.
But either way with my comments I had in mind a new GRD and new GXR to be competitive now. Your suggestions on what would be needed sound good.


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