GH3 & 100/300 or Canon 7D 100-400L

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Re: GH3 & 100/300 or Canon 7D 100-400L

AJWales wrote:

I currently have a GH! with 100/300 as my carry about birding camera... I also have a Canon 7D with 500 F4 (way to heavy to carry about but superb combo)... I am debating whether to get a GH3 body to upgrade because the GH1 is too slow to focus, only 3 fps burst.. and 12 MP... Should I do that or spend the same amount of money on a Canon 100-400 F4.5 L lens to go with the 7D I already have....

I am really stumped here.. I know the 7D combo will be good but its a lot bigger and heavier that the Lumix combo.. I am very unsure whether the GH3 will do what I want in the field as a still camera or is it too biased to video... But I love the lightness and ease of use of the GH1/100-300..

UGH!!!..... Help please

First, the Canon setup isn't just a bit bigger ... it's a LOT bigger!

That said, the 100-400 is significantly better than the 100-300, and the combination is certainly better for BIF shooting.  But if you don't have it with you, it's worthless....

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