"No good man with a gun stopped this bad man with a gun" (Michael Moore)

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Re: "No good man with a gun stopped this bad man with a gun" (Michael Moore)

JulesJ wrote:

Nell27 wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

You know when you mention Michael Moore, your post loses all credibility, right ?

Even a true story, will look false by default.

The only thing Michael Moore could say that would impress me is that he's moving to another country.

It would be nice if he took Jane Fonda and a couple other people with him.

Perhaps you'd like the Vietnam war to still be waging?

What does that have to do with a traitor?

Looks like the United Kingdom knows how to treat these kind of people.


Jane Fonda is listed as one of the top ten traitors in history and she's still allowed to live in this country and enjoy all the benefits of this country.


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