NEX6 vs 5n + EV

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Re: NEX6 vs 5n + EV

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ResearchKen wrote:

I actually have a 5n and I've been really thinking about upgrading to the 6 just for the EVF and the built in flash. The 6 wasn't released when I bought my 5n back in October before I left for my honeymoon, so I didn't have the luxury of waiting because of that.

I now know that I would much rather have everything included opposed to detaching and attaching things on and off of my 5n.

You can't go wrong with the NEX 6 and having everything incorporated. But aside from the EVF, you would still need to swap between the external mic and a flash. Unless you get a NEX 7 in which the 7 has a mic-in port. And know that the 5n's mic and flash are not compatible with the 6. So you'll have to buy those additionally.

I haven't done much video with my 5n so the mic accessories don't concern me. I'm just trying to determine if I should sell the 5n with the kit lens to get the 6 or if I'm going to give the 5n to my wife and just get the 6 outright. Decisions decisions...

Keep the 5n (with its 1855 kit lens).  You might find that you like the 1855 over the 1650 -- in which case you could just swap the lens with the wifey (which she might be happier about given the smaller size).

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