New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

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Re: Some thoughts

Carolyn S wrote:

Thank you for those videos. They were helpful. I feel ready for my new device. I expect I will be a bit surprised when it is done calibrating....and I will try not to be disappointed!

I have been looking at other papers (I usually used Hawk Mountain papers, but they are going out of business)...and I have been impressed with Red River papers. I noticed they offer profiles for their own papers. I will probably continue to buy from them just for that reason.

I will look for some other videos, since I have time before UPS gets here. They don't usually come until about 4 in the afternoon. So, I have some time to learn more.


Carolyn, I am still learning something new almost everyday. I make is a point to read just aboujt every post here and in other forums on a daily basis as there are some truly expert people here.

Before you begin the process today, reboot you rmachine and reset you rmonitor to factory standars if it has a reset button. Then proceed to first install the CM Display software BEFORE you plug in the unit to you USB port. So INSTALL FIRST, then with the program open, plug in the CM unit and go through the various steps as the instructions tell you. When you are done, you can see a before and after of what you monitor was like and what it is now! It can be quite a difference. Then the getting used to your new look begins.

Remember that the resulting Monitor profile can be given any name you chose. Once saved, it will load auotmatically everytime you restart your machine.

I do use quite a lot of RR's papers and the ICC profiles work spendidly with OEM inks.

Just try not to jump around through their papers as it just gets confusing.

Good Luck today and keep us posted.


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