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aftab wrote:

aftab wrote:

1. What is your favorite camera for landscapes? Do you want a higher MP camera than 5D3/6D?

The one I currently have, the 6D. But I also like the EOS M very much; together with a small tripod, it makes a fantastic travel set.


2. What is your favorite lens? Are you happy with Canon's current line up?

The one I have, the 24-105L, followed by the 100 L macro for more abstract type photos. And the 22mm lens for the EOS M is fantastic.

Of course I am happy, the EOS system has every conceiveable lens...

3. What aperture do you use most? Do you think diffraction becomes an issue if you use an aperture smaller than 11 with current Canon cameras? Do you use wider apertures, such as 2.8, for a different look?

Between f/11 and f/16. Never had someone looking at my photos and saying "gosh, diffraction has ruined your shot...".

Yes, I like to play with DOF.

4. Where do you set your focus point? Do you think setting focus point at the junction of mid and lower one third works most of the time?

I set the focus point where it works for the photo I want to take.

5. Do you think Canon cameras have enough DR for your need?

Yes. I was never a big fan of shooting at mid-day sun, and trying to get detail in both the shadows and highlights... I photograph landscapes since Velvia slide film time, and that was what, 5 stops of exposure range? And people complain about cameras that "only" have 12 stops???

Something I forgot to ask. How often do you use filters and what kind?

Polarizer. Singh-Ray graduated neutral density squarefilters, one with soft transition, one with hard transition. Most useful is the Singh-Ray I bought 10 years ago, the model was named after Gallen Rowell, I think.

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