Panasonic 100-300 or ......?

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Just a suggestion...

I think you have asked way too many rather detailed questions inside an already fairly large thread.

If you want a better responded thread, I would suggest creating your own thread about it.

In any case, I have the TZ3 (2 models older?) and anything over ISO200 was pretty much garbage. Wonderful camera otherwise though. I also have a GF1 with which I can get usable ISO1600. Generally I stay ISO800 or lower. Your G2 should be the same. In that context, assuming your ZS3 is comparable to TZ3 (albeit, your ISO400 should be much better than the TZ3 ISO400), working with RAW on the G2 will make a huge difference. Does that mean your G2 with your kit lens will out-do a ZS3 at full reach on both lenses? No...full reach of 42mm on the kit lens is just too short. A 100-300mm on the other hand is a 200-600mm in 35mm terms. Which is double the ZS3 reach of 300m. So yes, the lens will do much better. Would this combo beat out the Panny fz200? Good question. I don't know.

Anyhow, hope this helps a little.

BTW, 800 shots in 1.5 yrs is way too little to get a real feel of the camera. 800 shots in 1.5 months maybe but not 1.5 yrs. Go out and take more photos of subjects that are good within the focal lengths of your kit lens.

Also, get a prime lens if you can swing it. Makes a world of difference when taking photos of people.

Try shooting RAW. It does make a difference. Though you'll need to learn how to use a real image editing program like Lightroom, Elements, SilkyPix (which you should have gotten with your G2) etc. Even free programs like Google Picasa.

Hope that helps.

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