What is the best camera for a beginner?

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Re: What is the best camera for a beginner?

Philip Kendall wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

Not to go out and buy a phone instead of a camera.

What I actually said was: "The camera in your phone (or whatever else you currently own)." ie don't buy ´╗┐anything´╗┐ now - just use what you've currently got.

I understand, but in context of Guidenet's comment to me, since we know nothing of the person with the question.... who says she has a phone ?!

My response to you was simply that someone with the ambition to be a photographer would probably be put off by being so limited as to use a silly phone for their "photographic education".

I would prefer to ask them where their interests lie, then help them determine if they might like a P&S or SLR better.

There is no answer the person could give me... that would make me say "oh, then get a phone!"

Wasn't picking on you, was just stating I don't think it was great advice.

Then again, I always hate when someone says: "learn photography by using only a XXmm fixed lens for your first year!"

Nothing like putting limits on someone else's interests.

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