RX1 - shutter speed gets lower with lens more open?

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Re: Yep, you got me!

mgoddard wrote:

The Exposure Compensation dial isn't going to help you if you're attempting to shoot wide-open and are hitting the maximum shutter speed. If you're using Auto ISO it can choose a lower ISO setting, but chances are it's already done that, so the only other option is to stop the lens down, which you don't want to do. Exposure Compensation doesn't just magically "lower the brightness".

As for a built-in ND filter, it'd be impossible to include while keeping the same form factor and size of the camera. There's a mere 2.1mm between the rear element of the lens and the IR/AA filter in front of the sensor. Besides, the RX1 is pricey enough as it is.

Correct. Exposure is still the result of Shutter, Aperture, and ISO. If you are already at f2, 1/2000 shutter, and iso 50 or 100 and it is still to bright then you can not get it any darker with exposure compensation in camera. That said, you could take the shot and the high DR of the sensor may allow you if you shot in RAW to adjust it in PP.

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