Olympus' Toshi Terada discusses the future of Four Thirds and compacts

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Re: Olympus' Toshi Terada discusses the future of Four Thirds and compacts

pris wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

He talked a lot and said nothing. Really. Now the excitement has died down over the article, reread the article and you will conclude the guy said zero. There could be an E-7 or there could be an adapter. There will be a furor of posts and opinions. The guy should run for office.

The fact that no company ever outlined clear plans and timelines for their next releases, and the (very valid) reasons for that has been pointed out so many times, it's not even funny to go down that road once again. Next argument of course will be "Oh, but other companies didn't abandon.." etc, why not just re-read any of previous makes and remakes instead of killing more innocent pixels. He IS in the office and talks according to its restraints.

Basically, Olympus hasn't done squat for its 4/3rds users in almost 3 years. Why all of the sudden change?

Ummm... because it's time to update a flagship camera, according to 3 years cycle?... And he is saying such update is about to be released?...

as was intended, being the only 43rds body they make 3 yrs is a ridiculous cycle

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