X-Pro 1: No exposure compensation in Auto-ISO - is this a bug?

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Re: X-Pro 1: No exposure compensation in Auto-ISO - is this a bug?

Jeff Charles wrote:

mngsmt wrote:

Jeff Charles wrote:

jondh wrote:

Off course it is like that. Auto ISO is used with the purpose of getting better ISO based on the available exposure not to change the exposure of the manual mode.

Right. ISO cannot change exposure. Only aperture and shutter speed can do that.

Although maybe technically correct, I think this is nitpicking. The amount of amplification applied by the camera is definitely part of the equation for calculating the "exposure".

Understanding that ISO does not affect actual exposure is useful. You take a shot at 1/200, f/8, ISO 100 and see from the histogram that it needs 2 stops of brightening. In that situation, it may be tempting to just increase ISO to 400, but a better option would be to reduce shutter speed and/or increase aperture, circumstances permitting.

Thanks for your reply. The thing is, normally I have a reason to set the aperture because I want a certain amount of DOF. And normally I have a reason for setting the shutter speed because I want to avoid or produce motion blur.

With high ISOs being really good these days, and for available light shooting, I very rarely have a reason to set ISO manually.

Think of a variable ND filter that sits in front of the sensor, for example. The fact that the signal amplification (aka ISO) sits kind of "behind the sensor" is not really important in practice.

There's a big difference. An ND filter reduces exposure (the light reaching the sensor). ISO has no effect on exposure.

Well, if we stop talking about "exposure" and start thinking about the brightness and latitude of the final image, reducing ISO or putting an ND filter in front of the lens or sensor has the very same effect.

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