Shooting "brighter" objects? Exposure settings?

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Shooting "brighter" objects? Exposure settings?

In my first post I showed examples of what I do. Take pictures of toy cars.

One thing that used to give me fits was shooting white-based cars.

Here is an example:

Darker and less detail?

The issue I have is the auto settings make the car darker than say a bright colored model.

I have learned a little about adjusting my exposure settings to compensate. But it seems I still need to tweak the brightness/contrast in Photoshop and it seems I lose clarity.

Sometimes the white almost seems to have a cream-colored "bloom" to it or it washes out too much. If that is the wrong terminology, my apologies.

Background is dull, overall photo still "dark" to me.

What settings should I try to get crisp detail on models like this? I have 4 four standard "shop lights" using T8 bulbs and one drop light.

I know my camera, or at least I mean I can navigate through it and can work with the settings, just seems I am going the wrong way. The more I read and try, the darker the images are getting?

As usual, the only thing "wrong" with most of these cameras is the person standing behind it

Thanks for any help.

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