Benefits of EFV for NEX-5R

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Re: Benefits of EFV for NEX-5R

The value of the EVF is going to be something entirely up to you and your own needs, shooting style, etc.  It is an expensive option, so one needs to decide if it will be worth it.

For me, an EVF add-on was important.  I find that the more traditional shooting stance of holding the camera up to the face is very important to me for composing and framing the scene, seeing the exposure, confirming the focus, and for tracking and panning with a subject.  It also provides significantly greater stability for me, allowing me to handhold at shutter speeds as slow as 1 second even without stabilization at times.  Throw in the added bonus of better visibility in bright sun, easier discerning of the peaking indicators when manually focusing, and having the settings visible in the viewfinder so I don't have to pull it away from my eye and lose the subject or target, and the EVF becomes a necessity.

I have been shooting with DSLRs with optical finders for years now, and still do as my main camera - I bought the NEX3 thinking the sensor, the compact body, and the compatibility with manual lenses would make it a great second body (and it was), however, I found I was only really choosing to use it when weight considerations or size were paramount - I didn't simply elect to use it sometimes, and it came down to how I wasn't enjoying it as much since I always had to shoot off the LCD.  From the first day, I kept hoping they'd develop some kind of add-on EVF option, which I figured would transform the camera and increase its usage significantly for me.

When the NEX-5N came out and the EVF was announced, I was initially disappointed that it wouldn't work on my NEX3, which was not even a year old.  I had no complaints about the performance of that camera, only that I really wanted an EVF.  Within the first few weeks they were available, I jumped on a new NEX-5N and bought it with the viewfinder as soon as it became available.  The EVF was the primary reason I made the purchase - so not only did I pay the $350 for the finder, but the whole new camera body I didn't really need JUST to get the finder...for me, the EVF had to be worth the $1,000 or so I was putting out to get it.

And the answer was still worth it...for me.

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