OM-D - Re-confirmed!

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Re: OM-D - Re-confirmed!

Najinsky wrote:

Abrak wrote:

Didnt really understand the last paragraph. Seems you are after the Panasonic 35-100 2.8 lens in Bangkok. It is already available @ AVCamera (

Panasonic Thailand are totally hopeless and dont even have the 12-35 2.8 in stock (and never have done to the best of my knowledge).

Well that's both good news and dissapointing. Dissapointing that I could perhaps have bought it but have now left Bangkok and am heading back to Surin, but still good that it is actually available now. Korat is only a few hours away and there is an excellent camera shop there, and I need to visit the same mall for ink and paper supplies so I shouldn't have too long to wait. Thanks for the heads up.


Actually you are probably not missing much.

As a rule of thumb we do very well with Olympus. We generally get US prices (or fairly close) and availability well before - the 15 f8 and 17 1.8 have been available since early December. For Panasonic we get UK prices and we are just about last in line for availability.

AVCamera is pretty much the go to place for M43 - they also stock Voigtlander and SLR Magic - a bit like Fotofile and Canon.

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