One all around lens or two shorter lenses?

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Re: One all around lens or two shorter lenses?

I am surprised that not many more of you suggest one of the super zooms, as the overall experience with them, and the value for the money - not only my opinion - is really surprising. There is no essential lack of sharpness, at least for those of us who see their pictures on the PC screen mostly. I suggest that you borrow somebodies 18-250 lens, work with it for a while, and see if it is good enough for you.

Consider that the main feature of a good photograph is not pixel counts, but composition - among other things. A focal range of 18-250 (270) mm will help you tremendously composing without constraints.

And many times you have to be quick to catch the moment. How many good moments will you loose while looking for the right "mm" ?

Another point is the dust collection: depending how often you will switch lenses, it - the dust - will be an issue. The less lenses you switch, the smaller that issue will be.

The only real drawback I find with the 18-250 is the limitation in wide open diaphragms. At times you want to have a nice "bokeh", getting rid of the background - there are serious limitation to such an option with a super zoom. If that is a feature you feel you need, select the second lens accordingly, perhaps considering a macro 100 mm /2.8 for example, wich is also nice to have for portrait photography - besides macro.

If your bag still has some room for a third lens, consider the Rokinion 8.0 mm. It is cheap ($250 ?) and has of a huge range of applications. There is plenty of distortion, which can be put to nice use. As the lens is tack sharp, you can crop the pictures, get rid of the distortion, and you have the focal range of 12-16 mm available too.

I realize that many of us will have an issue with this simplistic approach. But there is no good correct answer for everybody, as most of us have different needs. Some of us however have attitudes leading to pointless rejection of options, often for no good valid reason at all. Listen to others, but make up your own mind, and back it up with your own experimenting.


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