D600 : Oil Not Dust

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Re: D600 : Oil Not Dust

I was really at the brink of jumping ship to Nikon hearing the news about D600 months ago, when I heard about the dust problems, it kept me waiting for the 6D..still I haven't made up my mind completely..but the dust and oil or whatever it is a real killer for many like me..wanted to jump ship but scared a bit. I have a 1000D which is 4 and half year old, I have changed lens countless times and still it don't have this much dust as I have seen from some D600. The only thing I need to see that Nikon back up their system, acknowledge the problem, perform a free cleaning, and make the future D600 perfect and correct these QA problems..so far I haven't heard any statement from Nikon...that was sad..The dust problem just killed the interest in the camera for me and I think its better to save money and wait for the newer models..which I predict in 2 years or so...

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