How to use the 2 cards in a D800

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Re: CF for Raw and SD with eye-wifi for JPEG basic to use IPAD as external monitor

Freecall wrote:

I have a different approach for Studio & travel ; shooting raw on CF and JPEG basic on SD card with eye-wfi at travel I sync direct to my Ipad each evening and select when at home I sync the raw directory against the keeper directory in Ipad to make automated deletion = less raw import work .

In studio I use the Ipad as monitor for the shooting ...the picture is send directly and looked at the IPAD; Given JPEG basic is takes less then 1 minute. Eye WIFI has a option to deselect RAW from synicing it is all automatic & fast


That's an interesting way to do it. What program do you use to download the RAW files? How do you get the download to "sync" and only download the keepers?

Speaking of downloading, I just now timed a new CF card reader. It's a "Raw Steel" brand reader.

Very impressive. It's USB 3, but I have it plugged into a usb 2 port on the computer. I compared it to my old SanDisk CF reader. The SanDisk downloaded 3 NEF files totaling 125mb in just over 2 minutes. The new raw steel reader did 3 more NEF files of the same size in 8 or 9 seconds.

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