FZ200 - Great Grey Owl, 11 stacked RAW images, enlarged to 8000 pixels wide

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Re: Superb!

Alek79 wrote:

What can I say, jaw-dropping! I've never seen such a film-like rendering from a digital source. It looks like you could blow the print up to a huge size because there are no edge and sharpening artefacts, everything is smooth and natural. Now, when do I find time to learn that technique...

Many thanks for the inspiring post!


Hi Alex:

The whole process took me less than 10 minutes which included.

1) Opening all 11 files in Photoshop and closely examining them to see how identical they are. They need to be very close, so moving subjects are not possible with this technique. 4 minutes

2) Doing the stacking and auto-align processes - a few mouse-clicks, 2 minutes

3) Changing the opcities on 11 imagesm and flattem stack - 2 minutes

4) Sharpen image 30 seconds.

DONE! Piece of cake!


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