RX1: some portraits and some big AF problems

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Re: RX1: some portraits and some big AF problems


I would be interested to know how sharp a focus you can get with only 10 mp using extended optical zoom of 52 mm? jpeg only. And any comments about extended optical zoom you will have.

Thanks, Elliott

From another post:

I know the price of RX1 is mostly in the world of pros, but:

If you will accept Jpeg when you want some zoom, the RX1 has some options similar to the rx100.

sony's manual page about RX1 zoom options:


a. Extended Optical Zoom, no deterioration, available when using less mp

Large 24 mp is 1x 35 mm; Medium 10 mp is 1.5x 52mm; Small 4.6 mp is 2.3x 80 mm

b. Clear Image Zoom, 'near optical', gives additional zoom if desired.

Large 24 mp is 2x 70 mm; Medium 10 mp is 3x 105 mm; Small 4.6 mp is 4.5x 158 mm

Someone ought to give these features a try and post some examples so potential buyers concerned about lack of zoom know what is possible.

I posted an album of every zoom option on the rx100 on this site for that reason:


If you suspend doubt and actually take the time to look, I am sure you will be surprised.

Cropping works, but, if zoomed, the exposure metering is taken at the desired portion of the shot.

As for Jpeg, many rx100 owners argue it is so good they are not using RAW all the time, so, for the occasional use, Jpeg can give some zoom to the smallest full frame camera out there. Wow.


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