Did all the Ricoh cameras stop working?

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Re: Did all the Ricoh cameras stop working?

Harold66 wrote:

Hello Vladimir

Thanks for the reply. i have to say that i do not really buy your explanation. The GXR is so unique that I fail to see what the pentax takes over changes to the GXR line. And if this was the case , at the VERY LEAST, Ricoh should have communicated something to that effect

this is terrible marketing at work

Harold, I don't dispute that Ricoh's marketing is terrible and has always been, maybe things will change somewhat with Pentax being on board now.

The Pentax takeover had a massive impact as Ricoh has not released any camera after the takeover which was not previously announced. All the Pentax cameras released or announced since then were most likely already in the works.

While the GXR is unique, the only module which sold really well and was successful is the M mount module so in their situation I would also take a pause and re-think the concept and how it can be continued or integrated with Pentax. A K mount module for example would sell again much better than any lensor would.

I personally don't see the point of some complaining about the lack of news from Ricoh and the GXR system can stand on it's own well enough as it, if nothing else comes up it will still provide enough modules and it still works well enough even compared to the competition.

It is disappointing that Ricoh has not announced anything so far but this is not really anything new from them and I am sure in due time we will hear from them.

Agreed, I think people underestimate the impact of the takeover, and once the decisions are are made the time it takes to bring a new product to market.

For my pennyworth I wonder if its been decided that the Pentax brand is being lined up with the full range of cameras from compact to medium format to line up with Canon and Nikon. And Ricoh concentrates on the high profile, premium, "boutique" cameras to line up with Leica and the profitable bit of Fujifilm cameras. So no future for the px and cx, but a large sensor GRD to compete with the X2 and X100s, and the GXR to go against the Xs and Ms. As they both have the quirks, e.g. the GRD is 28mm and the GXR is well... unique, they would still offer something different, whilst staking their claim in a well known market.


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