FZ200 - Great Grey Owl, 11 stacked RAW images, enlarged to 8000 pixels wide

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Re: FZ200 - Great Grey Owl, 11 stacked RAW images, enlarged to 8000 pixels wide

sherman_levine wrote:

RudyPohl wrote:

sherman_levine wrote:

Isn't that just "2x" ?

I know it's 4x the area...but everything else (in particular, zoom) is linear.


Yea Sherm, I realized that after the 5-minute time limit ran out to edit the post. I'm afraid I'm not very good at the arithmetic of photography (not so great at the spelling either). The cropping factor messed me up (again!).


Impressive nonetheless. You started with one very clean image ( from the stacking ) and then upsampled that single image to get your result, right?

This is an excellent example of why one should avoid the in-camera digital zooms (and iZoom). Your 2x upsample in Photoshop shows none of the terrible artifact seen in the iZoom captures.

Rudy's 2x upsize in Photoshop

Sample JPG image at "48x" iZoom

RAW enlarged 2x on screen in SilkypixPro5

Hi Sherm,

Also notice the extreme increase in IQ in Rudy's shot compared to enlargement of a single image. If the subjectmatter in front is stationary for only 1 secound, stacking is the way to go for dramatic up-sizing or heavy handed PP. Thanks for the demonstration of iZoom. I never dared to use that one

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