Epson 4900? Double Down?

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Epson 4900? Double Down?

Ok...I certainly appreciate folks sharing their experience.

I did have the printer warn of two clogged nozzles. However, I had no noticable effects on the prints from the "clogged" printheads.  As I tried to "fix" the clog, the situation got worse.  Now several have clogs.

Did several Windex soaks overnights, Normal and Power cleanings.

First, more nozzle registered as clogged and then the prints degraded.  Now their is severe banding.

Doesn't appear as though there is a printhead failure...just stubborn clogs...and too much ink being wasted trying to clear it.

The printer is 6 months out of warranty.

I have a bunch of ink and paper rolls.

Any other quality suggestions from your personal experience?

Do I just Double Down and get a new one?  At least it comes with 1/3 full retail inks.  I would get the 2 year extended warranty.  Or switch to a model that may have less issues?  What to do with the old printer?

Too bad the $1000 rebate is not still in effect.  There is only the $100 rebate.

Anyone know where the least expensive place to buy one?  I found it on several sites for $1795 - $100 rebate.

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