RX1 vs RX100 informal Portraits

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Re: RX1 vs RX100 informal Portraits

thanks for the very nice set of comparisons, they help people know before they buy better than words. your portraits are always great.

the shallower dof made it easy to tell, when I hovered over data, I was right every time except one, where you got very good shallow dof with rx100.

as for color comparisons:

does someone have a multi colored card they can shoot with both cameras, print both, then set side by side and shoot again with both cameras and post that? (letting us know what color lamp it was shot under)?

I have a catalog with 21 different color edge tabs, I use it to see if my printer colors are good. I had substitute ink, awful, just put epson ink, copied and printed, absolutely on the money, so I know it prints correct color. I am meaning to shoot it with my rx100 and print it, and see how the camera's colors compare to original, then shoot  all three edges side by side and post it, both for rx100 and my old R1.

don't have RX1 someone else will have to do that.


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