Going from D800 to D3s..... Am I Crazy??

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Re: Going from D800 to D3s..... Am I Crazy??

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I shoot a lot of events (Weddings, Concerts, Festivals, etc.),

D800 was never designed with these applications in mind. You simply bought the wrong camera from the very beginning. You are in D4 territory.

I have the option of choosing to use either of those models, and 90% of the time will pick up the D800 for those events.

Where the D4 (or the D3S) shines would be sports, as an example, where the faster frame rate is hugely significant. It isn't just the ability to rattle off a sequence of closely space images either, even one shot at a time it's what happens when the RAM buffer fills up! With the D800 after about 15 shots when shooting RAW the camera slows to a crawl while the buffer is written to the memory card. The D4 doesn't even hesitate until something like 50 shots, and then it barely burps. Wonderful for shooting volleyball, basketball, etc etc.

But for weddings, concerts and festivals (or even school events in poorly lit up gyms) there isn't as much call for faster shooting, but there is a huge need to be able to blast away without excessive concern for perfect framing so that cropping can be done later. Likewise larger prints are much more likely to be an end product. Makes the D800 a great tool.

Keep in mind that 12mp doesn't allow for much cropping which might influence your style of photography.

I go the other way, and let my style of photography influence which camera to use.

Funny post of yours. You correctly describe the disadvantages of the D800 in terms of slow fps rates but still recommend it for photo journalism like photography.

It is not "photo journalism" that makes the difference. Most PJ work would not benefit from the differences between a D800 and a D3S in frame rate.

The bride happily approaching the bridegroom is definitely not something where a slow camera shines. The same goes for all other scenes where there is one and only one moment to get it right.

However none of that is where a high sequence rate makes any real difference. Whether the camera is 5 fps for 10, it's about the same. What makes a really big difference is how many shots you can get off before the buffer is full and the camera slows to a crawl. The D800 and the D3S are just about the same in that respect, though the D3S will recover significantly faster. The camera that makes a difference there is the D4, which just keeps going.  (With a D3S it can actually help to set the frame rate down to something like only 4 or 5 fps.)

As I pointed out, sports photography is an example where a D3S will commonly provide a useful speed advantage over a D800. When action in a basketball game starts, it can be useful to shoot away at 8 to 10 fps for one or two seconds. The D800 just isn't as good. (And again, the D4 runs circles around the D3S.)

I still use my D300 quite often when action is involved and light conditions are at least decent.

Wonderful. A common reason to do that would be to have a wide to medium zoom on one body and a medium to long zoom on the other. I use the D4 and D800 together that way very often (and the frustrating part is deciding which body gets which lens).

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