GXR is not dead -new modules to come

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Re: GXR is not dead -new modules to come

sroute wrote:

SubieRun wrote:
Since you did not put on your reading glasses I will clarify it for you:

Ricoh sales rep has now been handed over to an entirely different company. The guy at Ricoh is a childhood friend of mine and a long time Ricoh employee. Not very deep throat guy - but someone in the loop. Now his colleague is OUT of the loop for over a year so NO - there is no more inside info for me.

I did read your post and understood it perfectly which is why mine still stands. What I can't understand is how you failed to miss the meaning of mine?

We are not talking about how you got info in the past. At this point you yourself have said you have no reliable information pipeline to Ricoh insider information. Why even bother mentioning the info access you once had? You get no special divine insight on the rumours spread by others by virtue of a past relationship which no longer is fruitful.

Nothing has changed, there is exactly as much known today about Ricoh's plans for the GXR and other such products as was known this time last year.


Well, actually, as of today I know something.

Even old connections can work their magic sometimes.

It is a mixed bag and not exactly what_ I_ was hoping for personally, but at least one of my boxes got ticked with the slight possibility of one other box being ticked. There is a small discrepancy in some the information possibly due to errors in translation so I am not sure that the information is correct as presented to me as my friend is not technically versed enough (not his field) to corroborate the information as for some of the technical details as it is information that has been translated from pre launch info for the European market and NOT a technical paper on the products. I got only ONE definitive answer and a few question marks that I am not sure what to make of.

There is more substantial info to come in five to eight weeks time according to my friend which could indicate actual release would follow another two months after that if I go by previous release patterns and perhaps by then the European market release dates would be disclosed. Depending on batch volumes Europe might have to wait a few months after the Japanese release date.

I know of one person that was a European beta tester for Ricoh but since the Ricoh Pentax merge I am almost sure he is out of the loop too. We had mutual connections and know of each other but have never met in person but did have some email conversation pror to the M mount launch and the A12/28 launch. He had the M mount around the same time it was released in Japan and as it turned out - even quite some time before that. Ricoh are actually very interested in getting feedback from photographers outside of Japan too.

Since I value my connections integrity the last thing I'd do would be to spill it out here in public view but a few I know from before here will get their PM:s.

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