Sony RX1 - No EVF?????

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Re: Sony RX1 - No EVF? - Why are no photos of the cameras back in the stores?

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I don't quite get the reference with the Sigma, considering the SD1 pricing blunder they made years back. Sigma had to come up with a back-up plan by releasing the Merrill for cheap change which is practically the same SD1 camera. great camera in all honesty, but they thought wrong on building a niche for the SD1 which wasn't really there in the first place. instead, it fell where it was expected to be on it's actual territory. time will tell if the same would apply to the RX1. but there has to be a competition for it.

i was simply thinking of the strategy of offering fixed lens cameras of different focal lengths. it would be one way sony could go, rather than just "upgrading" the 35mm rx1 every year or two, though i would expect some of that, too.

its hard to predict if the RX1 will get a followup, in the past they launched the R1 which was a marble and many where hoping for a R2 with certain never happend.

only time will tell

I had the R1, which then was indeed a marvel, and hoped for the R2 that never came. But I think that there is no analogy between the R1 and the RX1. An R2 would have been competition for Sony DSLR's, and aside from this it was supposed to be so expensive to make that Sony made little profit with it. I don't see the RX1 or an eventual RX2 competing with anything else in Sony's line, since price, size and non interchangeable lenses put them in a different niche.


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