Focus issue on 28-70mm f2.8

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Re: Focus issue on 28-70mm f2.8

I am sure that the Nikkor 24-70 will deliver all you want from it.  But before you make up your mind, have a good look at the Tamron AF 24-70 VC USD.  I paid AU$1100 for it new (I believe in the USA you get a 7 year warranty) and am very pleased with it.  I am able to consistently get sharp images at 1/30th sec exposures, something I could never do with the Nikkor 28-70.  However, last week I shot an indoor speech/trophy presentation event using on camera flash and found that it missed getting focus a couple of times in reasonable light.  Yes it is also just a tad slower in locking focus than any of my Nikkor lenses, but for what I use it for this is not an issue.  I will do some more experimenting with the Tamron but so far it is working out well for me at a great price.

However, I am a DX body user, 2 off D300s and a D3200.  I am not able to confirm how it may perform on your FX D600.

Hope this helps and good luck with whichever lens you choose.


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