S100 vs. G1X - fast lens versus slow lens

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Re: S90 vs. G1X - fast lens versus slow lens

Hi Sinnbilder,

Thanks for these.  I must admit that I've never seen a beer/aperture analogy before!!!  But your point is well taken.

I've never really agreed fully with the popular argument of equivalence between the small sensor/fast lens/low ISO combination and large sensor/slow lens/higher ISO combination.  It is applied to argue that similar images can be obtained from both, and particularly in relation to DOF.  That may be trued at times, but it's not true all the time and it does not mean that there is any equivalence in other aspects of a camera's performance.  The bigger sensor should also have better DR, better roll off, less noise etc.  And the bigger sensor and longer natural FLs will allow better IQ when you want to stop down.  The smaller sensor cameras are usually optimal wide open or one stop closed down, and they're diffraction limited from there.  The G1X performs very well at f11 and even f16.

I own a G12 and a G1X, and I would say that the IQ is better from the G1X in every respect.  If Canon had only designed the camera to have faster AF and better between shot times, I think it would have been more widely accepted and we might well not be writing this post.  It really does have a great lens/sensor/image engine and together they deliver the best IQ short of APSC.  If you can live with the limitation that it just doesn't do well at fast action photography, it's a terrific camera.  (Yes I know it doesnt do macro without an accessory lens, but they're easily carried and with one, it does as well as any DSLR with a standard zoom).

I hope Canon continue the line.......

Cheers, Rod

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