Going from D800 to D3s..... Am I Crazy??

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Re: Going from D800 to D3s..... Am I Crazy??

cdubman wrote:

gl2k wrote:

ALBAS Photography wrote:

I shoot a lot of events (Weddings, Concerts, Festivals, etc.),

D800 was never designed with these applications in mind. You simply bought the wrong camera from the very beginning. You are in D4 territory.

Keep in mind that 12mp doesn't allow for much cropping which might influence your style of photography.

Is this the general consensus up here? For sure, the D800 is exceptional for landscape and studio work, particularly when printing very large.

But...does that mean many D800 owners struggling with less predictable people photography like weddings, family candids, festivals, street photography?

Are folks like Scott Kelby right when saying most people should really have purchased the D600 because of these situations above?

There is nothing like a common consensus since everybody's demands are different. But all applications stated by the OP are much closer related to photo journalism than say landscape and studio photography. Therefore I suggested a lower but faster body.

The D600 is a completely different camera. It's definitely targeted to amateurs due to its somewhat limited feature set (some are deliberately crippled for no special reason which I consider as poor habit). For the average amateur tough I'd see the D600 as a perfect body.

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