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Re: upcoming zeiss lenses for fuji

Daniel from Bavaria wrote:

Hmm, most of the recently announced Zeiss primes are kind of siblings of the the already existing Fuji primes. Not the cleverest move from my point of view.

At the moment only the 12mm is really interesting for some people.

A really clever move would have been to bring out a 1.4 23mm lens this spring. That would have been a lens many people wait desperately for an Fuji will not provide it before 2014 (at least it seems to be so).

I would have bought it, and some people I know also. So I see more metoo lenses from Zeiss and I am not so much interested (some maybe are).



There are always options. Some of those options appeal to some people, others don't. Personally, fly-by wire, X-mount-only lenses are not on my radar, so both Zeiss and Fuji are out. However, I love zeiss colours and when done correctly (those these won't be), sun flare. I say they won't because Zeiss SLR lenses done by Cosina are pretty poor in certain areas when compared against the Nikon lenses of their zeitgeist.

Principally: zeiss aperture blades never ever are symetrical. When doing night photography, clean, clear stars don't happen as often or are as pretty as Nikon lenses. Of course, I must state what Nikon lenses I use:

Ai/AiS/pre-Ai lenses. Today's top Nikon SLR lenses are a bit better than Today's Zeiss for sunflare, but both companies current lenses pale in comparison to older Ai lenses.

fortunately, Cosina did a decent job with their L39,M,Nikon S, etc. lenses, which are wonderful in build and function.

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