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Re: Finally finished my G15 review

cgarrard wrote:

Sorry in advance for those of you who asked what the delay was. I had hoped to make this review an even larger project but time and energy don't always cooperate at the same time. Nonetheless, it's up and hopefully worthwhile to you. Some of my conclusions and images should look familiar to some of you here.


Looks like you covered all the high points well. One thing that seems to be overlooked by many is the much improved shutter speeds (high speed sync) when using the on-board flash tops out at 1/2000 second now. This makes fill flash outside in bright lighting particularly awesome. The flash doesn't look that powerful but I find it does an excellent job in these conditions. This also seems to apply to external flash guns, with 1/4000 second available although the flash output usually falls off to the point where images are always underexposed. I'm sure a bigger flash gun would do better.

One thing about the G15 AF that was a bit of a disappointment is the number of false AF confirmations I've seen. It's not a lot but it's quite a bit more than what I've seen with the G10. The excellent LCD makes it easy to see that the AF has missed the mark, a second half press of the shutter release snaps the AF back in. But I do like the yellow exclamation mark that pops up when the camera thinks the AF isn't locked. In bright conditions with the G10 it wasn't always easy to discern the color of the AF point when focus lock failed.

Although many seem to enjoy the smaller form factor (apparently fitting in a pocket now) I still find the G10 a much meatier camera to hold. They don't look that much different sitting on the desk next to each other but in hand there's no mistaking the G10. And I'm still on the fence about the roughened texture on the G15 body that seems to have taken a page from Canon's more expensive DLSR's. I'm sure it was deliberate since Canon has marketed the G series to DSLR users for years and as I've mentioned before: it does look good sitting next to my 7D with the same finish.

The new CMOS sensor is awesome but I've noticed a definite drop in pixel level detail, something that seems to follow this type of sensor around. Even my antique CCD sensor PowerShots have better detail at the pixel level although they certainly don't have as many pixels to work with. I noticed this with my SX230HS right away. But when viewed at normal magnification the G15 images are plenty good.

I didn't see any mention of the crippled Auto ISO as implemented by Canon. We should have the option of adjusting it to at least ISO 6400 IMO. And I agree that locking the ISO at 80 for shots longer than 1 second is just plan goofy.

The 4:5 ratio as implemented by Canon is just retarded, loosing almost 4 million pixels of detail. It should've been 5:4 to allow using the maximum amount of sensor real estate.

Like you, I snagged my G15 as a kit for $419 and it's a lot of bang for the buck. The extra goodies were icing on the cake. The G15 excels in low light situations and the Auto ISO tries to keep the ISO as low as possible, obviously relying heavily at times on the much improved IS. I was a little bummed to see that Canon still recommends turning off the IS when using a tripod, it was marketed as being capable of detecting when one is in use. But it goes where the G10 fears to tread and that was the main reason for buying it.

I'd still like to see a 16MP CCD sensor coupled to the Digic 5 processor.

EDIT: I forgot to comment on the metering. I've noticed that the G15 does a much better job than the G10 when using evaluative metering. And the EC dial on the G15 just doesn't see as much action as the one on the G10. My guess is the extra horsepower coming from the Digic 5 is making the difference.

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