Questions about the LX7

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Re: Questions about the LX7

Jerry, as well as being able to use a Clearviewer to improve the visibility of the LCD, as you can on the LX3, you can also get Panasonic's optional live electronic viewfinder, the DMW-LVF2. which has a higher resolution than the LCD (1.44 Mdots vs 0.9216 Mdots) and can be used with spectacles, or dioptre-adjusted for use without spectacles.

The LX3, however, still has the advantage that Panasonic provided the optional DMW-LA4 lens adapter and DMW-LW46 wide conversion lens, which widen the lens angle to the equivalent of 18 mm (well over 90 degrees horizontally). Although these were originally extortionately priced, they are currently available at less than half the original rate.  Panasonic did not produce similar equipment for the LX7, but users have reported that OEM adapters are available for the bayonet fitting hidden by the bezel around the LX7's lens base, and that adapter can be used with the optional wide conversion lens made for the LX5.

The LX7's mode dial is stiffer than that on my LX3, the aperture can be controlled directly with a bezel around the lens base, a neutral density filter is available at the touch of a button, to limit the light available with the F1.4 lens in bright situations, and continuous focus is available on video.

The time-lapse capability is, however, limited to only 60 frames at intervals of more than a minute.


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