Another strange bug with D4, possibly D800!?!?

Started Feb 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Solution and Explanation

Dear Roland,

as Marianne already described, this behaviour is NORMAL. It´s not a bug but an intrinsic feature of the Matrix metering. I confirmed this with my D800.

Here´s a quote from the D800 manual:

Verwenden Sie den Belichtungs-Messwertspeicher, um den
Bildausschnitt nach der Belichtungsmessung mit der mittenbetonten
Messung und der Spotmessung neu zu wählen. Beachten Sie, dass die
Matrixmessung nicht die gewünschten Ergebnisse erzielt.

Sorry for quoting in German, these are the first few lines of the chapter about AE-L/AF-L and they state that if you use Matrix and exposure (or focus) lock, the results are not as expected.

Solution: Use centerweighted or spot metering. Matrix was NEVER intended to be used with focus/recompose or other techniqes which involve changing the field of view, as you do with your AF-lock.

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