AF-ON on D600 ... hit and miss. Me or the camera?

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Re: AF-ON on D600 ... hit and miss. Me or the camera?

j_photo wrote:

I shoot youth soccer off and on with D40x, D7000, and D800. On the latter two, I've had good results with the settings being recommended by most here, AF-ON, AF-C, release priority, 9 dynamic points, lock off, etc., etc.

Looking at your images, I bet that it's mostly a question of technique. In my experience, when shooting with longer zooms and focusing on moving subjects, focus takes longer to acquire than I was accustomed to in my previous shooting. A lot of my early misses looked like yours.

So I found I had to pay closer attention to looking for focus in the view finder and not starting to shoot until focus was actually achieved. For example, in your out of focus image, I would think it would be obvious in the view finder that you didn't yet have focus, if you were looking for it. So watch for it. And don't start shooting until you do have focus. IMO, all you probably need is more practice and a little bit of patience before pressing the shutter.

Hope that helps.

It does. It's actually very reassuring. Thank you.

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