No D400 or D7200 at CP+ sweepstake for nexr announcement date?

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Re: No D400 or D7200 at CP+ sweepstake for nexr announcement date?

ralittle2 wrote:

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seahawk wrote:

Well, I never discounted that outcome either. Now I just hope for a D700 replacement. FF fast and not D4 price level would be most welcome.

I don't think there will be a 'D700 replacement'. I wouldn't discount the possibility of a D800H, a lower pixel count, higher frame rate version of the D800 sometime next year.

What would be the difference then?

That it's not a 'D700 replacement' but a higher speed lower resolution version of the D800. It would have a different market goal and position from the D700.

Six of one...

That sounds like it would work.

Sounds like you are personalising what a 'D700 replacement' would be. The D800 was the D700 replacement. Different camera, but took its place in the Nikon lineup.

If you are suggesting that there is a certain spec of what I'd like, then yes, I have certain criteria or specs of what I'd like.

There are companies that would design and build a camera to your personal specification, but you wouldn't like the price you'd have to pay. Otherwise you're left buying products which the company's marketing departments believe will sell in a large enough volume to make a profit. That is what companies in a capitalist society need to do.

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