What's the line on an X Pro 2 in 2013

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Re: What's the line on an X Pro 2 in 2013

palincss wrote:

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itmelo wrote:

Yes, quite the dysfunctional and unfinished product this X-Pro1 is, as proved by these terrible images:


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You miss the point completely, and introduce concepts no one is advocating. I guess that is to be expected.

Yes, I guess linking to photos produced by the camera is definitely "missing the point completely."

Every camera out there will get upgraded or iterated. Even old cameras will produce incredible images. That isn't the point of this thread.

Ratty is waiting for the next iteration, as a number of other people, me included. Why? Because the current version, as nice an idea as it is, doesn't fit our needs. For digital, I shoot a D800, and for film, I shoot FE and a gaggle of rangefinder cameras.

The X ethos is definitely old school, but its implementation is far from ideal for people who want to use their old lenses, or who are used to having a rangefinder looking camera actually act like a rangefinder in some semblance of the term.

If the X had the ability to confirm focus - even in the most rudimentary of ways - through the OVF, I'd snatch it now. As it stands, it is a pointless camera for everyone but users of X lenses. The OVF serves no purpose (even with X lenses) for manual focusing.

If the next one has some sort of focus confirm in the OVF, I'll jump. If not, I may go X-E2. The problem with developing a camera that looks like it can be used as simply and ergonomically as cameras from the pre-AF, pre-hidden functions era is that there are great expectations that come with it.

I think that as a new system, it is intriguing. For people coming to digital right NOW, or who don't have lenses they want to bring over, or who don't care about MF at all, the X series, especially, the X-Pro, is interesting. But, for people who want a mirrorless camera with some of the ergonomic bells and whistles of a film camera, the X-Pro is a looker, but not at all a user.

When/if it becomes a user, Fuji will likely nab a very vocal, very loyal section of the market that will bolster its popularity.

The X Pro is all about the OVF, but its implementation is incredibly flawed... even for X lenses. That's key for me.

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