Another strange bug with D4, possibly D800!?!?

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It is by design for matrix metering

Roland Schulz wrote:

I see that exposure changes while recomposing, but it´s not the right exposure since when I let the AF-ON button off the exposure changes significantly (may change about 5 stops under certain circumstances)! That´s is not the wanted behaviour and it´s also not found in the manual.

Anyone else found this? Maybe also on D800?


It isn't a bug; it's a feature of the matrix metering system.

The central assumption is that when you perform the initial focusing, the exposure there is valid for your intended subject.  If, when you recompose, the exposure changes dramatically, the camera assumes that most of that change is due to portions of the scene that are not the intended subject.  Thus it limits the amount that it allows the exposure to change from where you had the camera pointed for focusing.

This is only one of many operational details that Nikon omit from their elementary-level manuals.  I keep hoping that they will make advanced versions of the manuals available, which discuss these fine points.  Professional users, at least, certainly deserve better.

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