Another Lamp Post

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Re: Another Lamp Post

I like the lamp post and I love the tree.

I had a random thought about this image.  My first thought was that it might be nice to get a little more separation between the lamp post and the tree. (That's not the random thought, it's coming next.)  Then I noticed that the tree looks a lot like one of those fancy Tiffany lamp shades.  Also, the trunk of the tree doesn't have much detail in this image.  So the random thought I had is that instead of moving to the left and separating the two, it might be fun to take another shot of this scene moving a step or two to the right so that the lamp post covers the trunk making it appear that the tree is a lamp shade for the lamp post.  For it to work perfectly, you'd need a ladder to get high enough that the lamp doesn't cover the front of the tree and you'd have to clone out the sidewalk.

I like the image the way it is, just throwing out an idea.


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