Laptop for Photography Advice... Budget $2500-$3000

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You have to compare apples to apples..err maybe oranges.

Jim Cockfield wrote:

AwkwardSwine wrote:

Here is a sample system that is very powerful, certainly a match for any Macbook. 15 inch IPS 1080P screen with a high end core i7 and under 5 pounds. 500GB storage with Hybrid SSD for the OS. I think Apple markets this as Fusion Drive. $1350

That's a very slow machine compared to the 15.4 inch Macbook Pro Models (that it sounds like the OP is looking at).

The *slowest* CPU available in the latest 15.4" Macbook Pro models is still roughly *twice as fast" as the Core i7 3517U in that HP model.

For example, the Core i7 3517U CPU in that HP model tests at 3757 on the latest Passmark series benchmarks:

I agree that computer mentioned by the other poster is slow, but a ENVY dv6t-7300 Quad Edition on the HP website configured right for $1450 (before coupons) pretty much stomps the Macbook priced at 2199 that has half the memory, slower processor, slower non ssd hard drive, half the video memory, lower resolution 1440 screen display, But the biggest advantage is and the biggest advantage of all it is windows and not locked int to proprietary mac software. You can save even more when they are on sale and have the 150 dollar coupon. You have the monumentus SSD hybrid drive and you can add a mssd to the system after the fact for an extra drive and or acceleration if you decide to go with the non hybrid spindle drive. It is a sweet machine that completely SMOKES the mac for 800 dollars less.

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