Going from D800 to D3s..... Am I Crazy??

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Re: Going from D800 to D3s..... Am I Crazy??

ALBAS Photography wrote:

So do you think it would be a good idea for me to trade in the D800 for a D3s? Or am I just thinking too much?

I don't see much point to it given what you've said.   I have a D3S, a D4 and a D800, and use the D800 most of the time.  The D3S is almost unused since acquiring the D4.

The D4 is more rugged and has a faster frame rate.  It gets the nod when those are important.  For most event work the D800 is better.  Compared to a D3S it has better AF.  It is almost as good in low light, and is close enough you'll be very hard pressed to see any difference.  The D800 has more dynamic range, so at anything lower than perhaps ISO 3200 it is better.

I just don't see the big files as much of a  problem, but  those 36MP are a pure delight!  I commonly make large prints, and the extra room to crop for effect is very significant.

How these issues affect your work might be different,  but those are the examples I've experienced.

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