Did all the Ricoh cameras stop working?

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anthony mazzeri Senior Member • Posts: 2,028
Re: more recycling

rondom wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

this is much the same thing as has been long-windedly said before

very true: this is another form of recycling. (plastic, paper, glass, metal)

plastic: ricoh is dead you better move to another brand ASAP (the fuji mouse guy)

paper: ricoh has the best UI and is more than enough for all my needs. i will go and buy my 6th GXR body this weekend and feel completely rejuvenated (TC)

glass: where is my road map and can you please get me full frame, X mm lens etc

metal: stop whining and show pictures (this group has less persistent members)

i belong to the plain garbage group, by the way...

At least paper and glass are talking about the cameras and/or manufacturer, or lack thereof, which is what this forum is actually about.

Metal on the other hand is discussing, questioning and/or judging other forum users instead.

Paper is just the solitary strident troll, as you point out already, who doesn't even own a Ricoh camera but keeps wanting to tell everyone why for some reason.

Oop, there I go myself becoming metal and discussing other forum posters instead of the cameras or lack thereof. This is a metal thread after all.

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