why internal zooms not so desireable?

Started Feb 7, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Who says they aren't desirable?

emd5 001 wrote:

I waited/hoped that CP+ would come out with a good internal zoom either to replace the pana 45-175mm or with something better, but i haven't heard of anyone either pana, oly, or sig even planning anything remotely like that, so is this a very niche segment? I wouldn't think that with a smaller body people wouldn't want a smaller inconspicuous zoom if possible? or is it extremely difficult to get a good internal zoom? I'd pay good money for those... say 50-250?

So anyone know if there's anything coming? If not I'll have to settle for the 45-175 for a while.


In internally zooming lens is always the same size, meaning its length does not change when zooming. The structural integrity is higher (no droopy lens) and the lens is more durable (especially when it comes to lateral impact). Inernally zooming lenses usually suck in less dust than their variable lenght compadres, simply because the expelled/inhaled air volume is smaller. I find find internal zoom ideal in combination with internal focus. The penalty is a larger lens.

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