Did firmware updates solve various short comings of the X Pro1?

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Re: Did firmware updates solve various short comings of the X Pro1?

You will not know if it is good enough for you unless you try it. Several posters have already said they found focusing to be faster and more accurate after firmware updates, no one has said AF was unreliable or quirky, but you're still worried. You won't know till you try it for yourself.

Manual focus is possible using the OVF, but there is no visible focus confirmation. If you want visual focus confirmation using OVF, you need a mirrored DSLR or a Leica M.

Muizen -Belgium wrote:

The responses to my above question regarding the final effect of firmware updates on the X Pro 1 have not really convinced me that the focussing problems have been completely solved?

* The first test reports on the X Pro1 talked about a rather unreliable quirky AF. Is this something of the past now?

* It was said that the MF is flawed and is close to useless with the native lenses? Since I love MF under certain circumstances I would not like this camera to be flawed in the MF-field!

* A question I have in addition is whether manual focussing is possible on the X Pro1 using the OVF?

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