CHDK - DNG (RAW) files + My Colors & other effects

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Re: CHDK - DNG (RAW) files + My Colors & other effects

XA4 wrote:

I have found an advantage of CHDK that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere.
When shooting with my S95 in RAW+JPEG mode, I can't set "my colors" or dynamics range correction (and probably other stuff).

I assume you know this, but just to be clear for anyone else reading, it should pointed out that settings like "my colors" do not affect the CHDK DNG.

There are also a few modes on some cameras where you will not get valid image data in the raw. The most common is "low light" or "high ISO" modes that force jpeg to lower resolution.

I also read that DNG is better than CR2 because it's a universal RAW format.

Open standards like DNG are better for developers, but I wouldn't say it's better from a photographers point of view. They both contain essentially the same image data, so comes down to which you find most convenient to work with.

Is there anything that I'm missing by using the DNG format instead of the CR2 format?

CHDK DNG will be slower than Canon native raw. If you haven't already, make sure you turn 'raw buffer cached' on in CHDK settings. It still won't be as fast as Canon raw but it won't be quite so painfully slow.

Most modern Canon P&S do some lens distortion correction when the create the jpeg. This may depend on the zoom setting. From what I understand, Canons raw software knows how to perform the equivalent correction. With CHDK DNG, you will need to find or create appropriate lens profiles yourself.

The default color matrix in CHDK DNG may not be very good.

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