How good is the original 5D Mark I compared to the 2013 Canon's?

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Re: 5D classic is fantastic!

qianp2k wrote:

5Dc still beats any APS-C in natural sharpness, clarity and fine details and better in high ISOs also till ISO 3200. DXOMark confirms that. It has trademark creamy color rendition and stellar skin tone.

Any EF lenses still resolve more fine details (based on SNR - signal to noise ratio) on 5Dc and sharper than the same lenses or comparable EF-S lenses on Canon APS-C.

Canon 5D+24-105L vs 7D+17-55/2.8 vs Nikon D7000+17-55/2.8

5D still beats latest Canon 18mp APS-C in critical SNR and ColorTonality

Canon 5D vs 7D

It beats all much more expensive ISO 200 based Nikon 12mp FF cameras in IQ - D700, D3 and D3s under ISO 1600.

Indeed 5Dc is very good and very sharp. If I don't view/print large, 5Dc withstands my 5D2 and 5D3 to at least 2000-pixel wide. They look different. Sometime I prefer 5Dc colors and skin tone while 5D2 is a bit more contrast and darker. 5D3 looks sits between.

Grand Canyon NP

Local park

Beijing Olympic Game opening ceremony

Las Vegas

Ignore some noises here as one or two never experienced any 5D series cameras, nor have any photos can show but never hesitate in jumping threads when they smell magic word 5D, lol.

yep - I keep my magic 5dc for use in portraits with my 100L, 50, 35, and 70-200 f2.8 L. I don't even have a normal zoom for it

poor man's 5d for sure. I can just say like Seinfeld, I got 5d and people can spend the next hour trying to figure out which one, which until very high iso -- usually above 1600 they can't figure out

I like my T4i with touch screen, live view, and auto iso too!

My 60d has the best canon APC-s score at DXO - lol. Actually - love the 60d with magic lantern! lol. Once they complete magic lantern for my 5dc - they are working on beta btw - I'll put it on my 5dc and have a good native iso 6400 lol!

btw - the magic machine is about 1 stop better at hi iso than my best IQ canon APC-s in class 60d lol

the 5dc images are beautiful and pop-up lol

mine will die before I sell it lol

love the weak AA lol

I hope you didn't turn your magic machine into an IR machine lol

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