came to the B&H to buy the V2 and it cannot compete with the market. Nikon, start from scratch!

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Re: Question for you...

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

tqlla wrote:

Maybe I am just being too critical. When I bought the V1 for $250, I was expecting it to perform like a $700 camera. I thought I was getting a great deal on a $700 camera.

Fair enough. I think it's value is also perceived differently depending on it's intended usage. If you need a tiny camera that can take proper action shots, it's pretty well the only thing that will do so. If you look at it compared to a $250 P&S, it's a good deal. At full price, and as one's only camera system, I'm not sure I would choose it either.

I bought the V1+10-30mm+SBN5 for hanging out with my friends, a time where I dont want to lug my DSLR around. The size of the V1 is great, the video was great..... the pics, indoors.... just were not that good, even with the flash.

Have you installed the latest firmware? It was supposed to address some exposure issues with the SB-N5 indoors. Not sure if that applies to your scenario or not, though.

And now apparently my battery is dying(age 3). I got the camera 4 weeks ago!

That is unfortunate, and seems unusual. It's exactly the same battery used in the D7000/D600/D800 DSLRs which seem to stay at "0" for a very long time in those cameras. I haven't had my V1 long enough to comment on the battery condition, but perhaps it's a little harder on it considering it has to run 2 LCD screens, and also VR is on 100% of the time unless disabled. One perk, though, is that the V1 came with the same charger and battery as my D600, which here in Canada cost $167 to buy separately. I don't know if you shoot with a Nikon DSLR as well, but you get a free spare battery and charger out of the deal (the V2 uses it's own battery, unfortunately, but is smaller).

This weekend, I was at 1.20. I just did the upgrade to 1.21 hoping it would help the battery age.

The battery age thing, isnt that uncommon. There is a thread "Does the V1 torture the ENEL-15" It appears that 2012 batteries have the issue, more than 2011 batteries.

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