Opinion vs review?

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Re: Opinion vs review?

ilsiu wrote:

jcollier wrote:

A serious camera review will typically provide:

General product background

Detailed specifications (from the manufacturer)

Empirically measured performance date of the specified parameters

Construction, ergonomic and user interface descriptions

Comparative analysis of similar products with empirical data

Comments and conclusions ( this is where the reviewers opinions are usually stated and references made to the cited empirical data to support the opinions).

The less empirical data provided to support comments and conclusions, the less the article is a serious review and the more it falls into the area of opinion.

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That pretty much describes a typical DPReview review. You're last statement emphasizes empirical data as a key differentiator between review and opinion. What do think about review like Michael Reichmann's, which doesn't include any quantitative measurements? While he does provide side by side images, he doesn't provide any actual numbers.

Michael Reichmann is a well respected professional photographer with decades of experience with many different types of cameras under a wide variety of conditions. He is oriented towards "hands-on" field applications and probably doesn't care at all about theoretical lab measurements. He develops his opinions based his experiences and how well his equipment meets his needs. He seems to be fair and unbiased. He has pointed out the shortcomings and limitations of the DPXMs (of which there are a number). He also points out the strengths (image quality, size, price). Anyone who has a DPXM will be hard pressed to disagree with his observations.

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