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Re: I wonder if any more ARE on the way

wildkat2 wrote:


I hear you on keeping Amazon honest. Ive been a customer since before we knew if the Y2K bug was going to destroy the world and I buy a TON of stuff from them. During my deployments they have been my go to source for just about everything. I love Prime and I love mine more because I dont pay for it. I was one of the original Prime Student customers and my Prime is free. I dont have "real" prime because I cant watch movies free but I can live with that!

I have had maybe two bad orders in my entire time with Amazon and in each case I got them fixed eventually. And I cant count the number of times I have gotten things faster than promised. I even got a retroactive price match once on a tent. The day it arrived the price dropped by about 20%. I called Amazon and they credited my account....and I immediately spent my found money on more Amazon stuff! I have faith that Amazon will do the right thing for this too.

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We're on the same page, there, wildkat, except that your history with Amazon predates mine by a few years... I don't think I got too active with them until about 6 or 7 years ago. And except for the one instance I mentioned, I've never had an issue with them. When something I really want comes from one of their "storefront" dealers, well, then sometimes I just have to accept whatever delivery terms that dealer offers. But when it's sold and delivered by Amazon, except for the one time I referenced, I've always had it when promised, and sometimes sooner.

A while back I had an order of three items. I wanted or needed one of them badly enough to pay $3.95 to get it overnight, but I didn't want to pay the extra $7.90 to have the other two shipped overnight, so I made two separte orders, one right after the other. I was pleasantly surprised when all three came in the same package, overnight. I just think sometimes when they get into closeout sales deals like what appears to be going on with the K-01, they over-sell and over-promise, then keep selling new ones as they come in, promising "Prime" and/or overnight delivery for the new sales while they have outstanding orders awaiting shipment -- even for Prime customers, and that ain't right, yaknow. Were I do decide to pick up one of these K-01s, I'd expect my guaranteed shipment to arrive when guaranteed, and based on what I've been reading here, if I got an email saying there was a delay, I'd be sending one back threatening a class-action lawsuit for false advertising and shipping fraud on behalf of myself and all the other customers who're going through what many of you folks have been.

Like I said, I'm 99% happy with my Amazon experience. But that still doesn't mean I'm going to let them jerk me around.


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