RX1: some portraits and some big AF problems

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Re: I'm Experiencing a High Hit Rate with Face Detection AF

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Nice shots; I also like the variety of compositions.

My experience with the RX1 using face detection in multi-AF area mode is good, even in low light with the lens wide open. If my subject is posing for me (not moving), then my hit rate is very high.

I don't know whether the issue was due to a faulty camera or the algorithms didn't like some combination of lighting and partially obstructed facial features. My suggestion would be to try again, perhaps in different light and/or with a different subject (even if that is a shame).

Yes, it's definitely too early to tell whether it's a camera problem or a 'me' problem. Need to shoot under more conditions and try out more focus options and combinations. My 7 day return period has just passed, so if I do decide it's a camera problem, it's into the repair shop and not the retail store. My fingers are crossed because I really do want to be won over by this camera.

So, did you not go in and test a demo model against the one you own? I am very curious about the possibility of sample variability as I'd still like an RX1 if there is a chance that I just had one that had the AF implemented poorly.

No, we ended up having torrential downpours here the day I'd put aside to go back to the store. We're just coming out of monsoon season here, and when the rains come, there's no point even trying to go out unless it's absolutely necessary. I may still go down on the weekend or else I'll see if I'm still having issues after more practice. I suspect that there has been some quality variance for both the RX100 and RX1 (I think I got lucky with the RX100... it's perfect), and I'm hoping my luck didn't run out with the RX1 I have. Will let the forum know if/when I get to do the comparison...

Sounds to me something is wrong with your camera - you had too many waste images - even with the less stellar rx1 it sounds too much off - especially that you did take care with focusing, not just pressing buttons.

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