Canon S5 IS + Bowens Gemini strobe synching problems

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Re: Canon S5 IS + Bowens Gemini strobe synching problems

Brian, what do you think the misfire rate is with optical triggering (hot shoe mounted flash to Bowen) versus sync cord to Bowen?  Also, if I use an optical slave, won't it also be triggered with any other flash unit in the vicinity (e.g. other camera flashes going off, such as that which occurs at weddings?)

Anyone - to get more responses to this post do you have any recommendations for other sub-forums to post to within

Thank you so much!


Hugowolf wrote:

Goldey wrote:

scratch and hugo - do you think i would have less misfire with a canon flash unit like the speedlite 450 mounted directly on camera? thanks......

You should have close to zero missfirings of a Canon flash mounted in the hot shoe, but you should also have close to zero with the Bowens if it is connected correctly. You could also use any hot shoe mounted flash, providing it has a manual mode, to optically trigger the Bowens units. Optical triggering is generally very reliable indoors.

Brian A

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